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Are you a CPA looking to work with affluent Business Owners while building a seven-figure tax and consulting practice? The accounting profession is evolving rapidly, and traditional services alone are no longer enough. Accountants must elevate their most trusted advisor status.

Do You Find Yourself Facing These Challenges:

  • Seasonal workload strain
  • Finding and retaining quality staff
  • Limited brain trust
  • Complex federal and state regulations
  • Compounding business owner concerns and demands
  • Client attrition
  • Attracting and developing new business consulting opportunities

Client Expectations

Today's clients expect more than just traditional accounting services. They demand proactive advice and holistic planning. In fact, in a recent survey, 76% of business owners felt their accountants weren't proactive enough, and 72% changed accountants due to the lack of proactive advice.

Underserving your "A" clients can lead to devastating consequences for your firm. Losing these valued clients diminishes your practice's growth and sustainability. Moreover, relying on outdated business models exposes you to unnecessary risk.

Discover how the Echelon Team-Based Model elevates your practice, eliminates third-party referral risk, while increasing clients' trust in YOU which accelerates high quality referrals.

Meet Our Team

Proactive Planning Team

Your local “eyes and ears” to help you focus on planning priorities and identify opportunities.

Virtual Family Office

Your national experts that provide the “best of the best” in tax planning, legal, risk mitigation, wealth management, and business advisory services.

Combining Proactive Planning and the Virtual Family Office Experience.

We recognize that our best clients want PROACTIVE and HOLISTIC planning.

That is why at Echelon Resource Teams we have upgraded to a 21st century business model based around HOLISTIC and PROACTIVE advice, and are supported by a Virtual Family Office of experts.

Team Based Model
    Understand & prioritize needs Address biggest problems Achieve most important goals
Proactive Planning Team” combined with “Virtual Family Office Experience

Ready to Elevate Your Practice?

If you're ready to catapult your business, by providing more value, while increasing your financial success, and improving your quality of life…you came to the right place! Schedule a "Quick Consult" to explore how the Echelon Team-Based Model will transform your CPA and consulting practice. Click on the link below to learn how the Echelon Team-Based Model can add 20% more revenue this year!

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